New Book release ‘Polka Dot Float’

21st June 2015, just chilling out after a big day, my second book launch.

We had the launch at Little May Espresso bar in Montville, Qld. The lovely Hannah was our venue host.

What fun…..there were lots of kids sitting on a big mat, their polka dot helium balloons bobbing on the ceiling above them.The adults sat around the edges watching over their little heads.

Peter Canarvas opened the launch. Peter is a very successful children’s  book Author and Illustrator, his work is exquisite and very popular. I felt very lucky to have his support and infectious enthusiasm.

Sophie Canarvas helped with the book reading and Sophie and Cohen helped draw the children’s raffle.

The launch was simple but lots of fun. Thank you everyone for coming along and supporting me on my creative journey.



Next book


It’s summer the temperatures are getting into the 30’s here in toastie queensland. The humidity is the worst part though, you can feel the moisture all around you. You shower, work a little then shower again bleh!

I’m attempting to sit in my little sleep out room of our very old house, in the heat, creating the illustrations for my next children’s book. ‘Polka Dot Float’

My kids are hassling me to go to the pool (and rightly so)

I keep disappearing to have a little lay down in the only air conditioned  room.

So I guess progress is slow, but positive all the same. I am enjoying the process of drawing the little Echidna’s many quills. And using the lovely colours of the Australian bush.

I will post a photo of some of my progress.

Stay cool!


Photo’s for The Range News

I had the perfect excuse to go out and buy some new clothes today. I had a photo shoot with Sunshine Coast Daily photographer for The Range News.

I’m one of those girls that try to avoid the camera as much as possible, I’m not very photogenic.

It was kind of fun though, a few shots and it was done. So check out the Range News next Thursday and see the girl with the J-Low bling : )

Book launch

Hi there,

Only 33 days until my book launch, how crazy is that?

Come along and check it out.

The book is a children’s story which I’ve written and Illustrated.

Its called ‘Too Many Stripes”

2pm on the 31st of August 2014

At Rosetta Books Maleny Qld

If you have kids bring them along for the reading and a little bit of  fun African drumming.